Dr. Donna Beck, ND (Owner)

Dr. Donna Beck is the founder and owner of A Family Wellness Center.

Dr. Donna Beck received 4 years of undergraduate training at Chemekata Community College in Salem OR and Portland State University where she focused on pre-med studies, psychology, nutrition and exercise therapeutics. After an additional 4 years of intensive study, in 1992, Dr. Beck received her doctorate from the prestigious: National College of Natural Medicine (www.ncnm.edu). She then completed a 2-year post-graduate family residency program at the NCNM teaching clinic. Dr. Beck went on to teach at NCNM for over 15 years, with a special emphasis on physical medicine (bodywork) modalities, and naturopathic spinal alignment techniques.

She served 3 years on NCNM‘s board of directors and was the Chair of the College’s Academic Affairs Committee. Other professional service included a 3-year term on the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine where public safety and professional licensing issues are upheld in accordance to Oregon statues and administrative ruling.

Dr. Beck holds membership in the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians and The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. All licensed ND’s are required to complete over 40 hours per year of continuing education, including 10 hours relating to pharmacy topics and 2 hours of medical ethics.

Make an appointment with Dr. Beck and either start or continue your journey to reach optimum health and wellness in your life.

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Dr. Donna Beck ND

Meet Dr. Delia ND (Associate) 


Dr. Delia Sewell is a licensed Naturopathic Physician.  A transplant from the south, she earned her premedical bachelor of science degree with a full scholarship from Kennesaw State University near Atlanta, Georgia.  She then attended the prestigious National College of Natural Medicine where she received her Naturopathic Doctor degree and clinical training. Trained as a general practitioner, she is comfortable addressing a wide variety of health concerns.  Her approach includes the use of botanical medicine, nutritional consultation, homeopathy, lifestyle counseling, and hands-on techniques including ultrasound therapy and naturopathic manipulation.

“Above all,” Dr. Sewell explains, “I value getting to know each of my patients, which allows me to provide compassionate, empowering, and customized care to fit your needs. I aim to encourage the body’s own self-healing process through the use of natural therapies, combining both ancient healing methods and modern scientific research.”

Dr. Sewell has a personal website for her practice, New Leaf Health and Wellness. In addition, she has started a local Facebook group, Health Conscious in Gresham, for those interested in sharing natural health related recipes, articles, and information.  She is available to see patients Monday-Friday at A Family Wellness Center.

Dr. Lam Le has a personal website for his practice at Avana Natural Health. He holds doctorate degrees in both conventional and natural medicine. In addition, he is certified in Classical Homeopathy and Bowen technique therapy.

At this care center, patients are “medically diagnosed and naturally treated.”  We provide state-of-the-art diagnostic tools combined with a full range of natural modalities such as physical medicine (skeletal manipulation), herbal, diet & nutritional medicine, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, bodywork with Bowen technique therapy (fascia and muscle release over acupuncture points and body energy sphere) and auricular medicine.

The main goal is to help patients remove their “obstacle to cure” and let their “vital force” heal their body naturally.