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Wellness is a conscious choice, a skill to be learned, and an adventurous journey. It is a gift to be appreciated and maintained. Because of this belief Dr. Donna L. Beck, ND founded A Family Wellness Center. Welcome home!

For over 20 years Dr. Beck has practiced Naturopathy in Portland Oregon, integrating the science and art of natural medicine. She uses her skills to support families towards their goals of becoming well and staying well. Dr. Donna Beck started A Family Wellness Center to create a safe and positive place where people can achieve health and balance in their life.

Everyone deserves health. We all experience changes in our life; from infancy to the last days of our life, we strive for balance and wellness. A family wellness center provides a holistic approach to your family’s health needs. Naturopathic medicine focuses on balance within the body. By balancing what we put in our bodies, how we deal with stressful experiences in our lives, and challenging our mind and bodies each day, we can live a balanced life.

Naturopathic medicine can be easily integrated with your other healthcare. We here at A Family Wellness Center listen to your needs and will work with your other practitioners to help you meet your health goals.

We hope that you find what you’re looking for on our website and we are here to answer any questions you might have about Naturopathic medicine.

You may setup a FREE 15-minute consult with Dr. Beck. Your free consult is a time where you can ask Dr. Beck questions, bring up concerns, and decide if you want to proceed forward with a new client appointment.

“My goals are to practice excellence in the field of Naturopathic Medicine; to teach others the empowering philosophies and principles of natural healing and to exemplify graceful and healthful living”. ~Dr. Beck

A Family Wellness Center

Dr. Donna Beck ND

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A Family Wellness Center Dr. Donna Beck ND 25500 SE Stark Suite 102 Gresham, OR 97030