• THE: Used especially before a noun, with a particularizing effect.
    • PLACE: A space set aside for a specific purpose
    • OF: Used to indicate material, substance, or contents
    • KNOWING or KNOW: To perceive or understand as fact or truth: apprehend clearly and with certainty. To be able to distinguish, to recognize, to have knowledge or clear and certain perception, as of fact or truth.


At various times in my life I have made connection with a very specific place inside of myself where in lies a powerful reservoir for the deepest and most personal truths about myself. I have named this place: My “Place of Knowing”. It was not my training to become a natural medicine expert that taught me about this inner resource. I learned of it through the school of life or the “school of hard knocks” as my grandmother used to say. It was when I learned about Naturopathic Medicine however, and what this type of health care had to offer, that I first had the experience of knowing- without doubt- that I would become a Naturopathic Doctor. I did not know at the time how I would possibly get there but I was certain I was going to. Even though it felt completely overwhelming to think about the 8 years of schooling I would have to complete, it was this KNOWING that gave me the courage to take the first steps on the road to getting there. It was also this KNOWING that sustained me during the long hours of studying and being tested and “proven” until I walked across that stage to receive my precious diploma on graduation day!


Distinguishing the feeling:


What was this loud and clear confidence-inspiring feeling? It felt so unique in its distinctness! How freeing to just KNOW what to do or what direction to take. Maybe these clear times were “following my heart” or letting my subconscious guide me. “This is me listening to my “intuition, I thought.” Maybe I am answering to a “calling.” Divine guidance? Destiny? Maybe this was Spirit directing me! Maybe this was just the mystery of my soul at work and not really definable.


I distinguished that the soul reminds us to honor the mysteries of life. The heart moves us with emotion. The intuition perceives beyond our five senses, our consciousness stimulates us to make a contribution while our destiny races us towards the eternal. Surely all of these rich aspects of oneself are equally worthy of exploration. My “Place of Knowing”, I discerned, is the part of my inner world that grasps and integrates the truth of all these aspects of myself. When we connect to the “knowing” part of our self, we see a thing clearly. There is no faltering over the facts that reside here. We just KNOW what we know to be true for our self. In our place of knowing the bell rings clearly, the peg clunks into its slot, the puzzle piece fits, the moment crystalizes. When I connect to this knowing part of myself, there is neither faltering over various bits of information, nor viewing one angle and then another. I just KNOW what I know to be true. Will it be hard to do, or easy? It doesn’t matter. I KNOW it is “where I live” and what I need to participate with. To know, without doubt, a given truth about our self is to bring oneself into visibility. It is in “The Place of Knowing” that we stand up as unique souls and distinct individuals. Self sees self with recognition.


One other thing feels certain: this invisible compass that resides inside of us is a blessing. What better feeling can a person have than feeling like they are doing the “right” thing; the healthy thing, for themselves and for others? I want more direct access to this feeling and I want to feel it more often. I want to feel it all the time really, so I can have clarity for all of my decisions. I want to guide and remind my patients to access their own “Place of Knowing”.


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