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What Other People Are Saying About Dr. Donna Beck ND!

“Dr. Beck saved my life! I was unfortunately seeing a doctor who was prescribing medications that were essentially making me more sick and could have been lethal. Dr. Beck helped me overcome some major symptoms I was experiencing from the other doctors negligence. She has been such a major support. Dr. Beck is the ONLY doctor that has thoroughly listened to me and understands what my body can handle and cannot handle. I have seen many doctors in the past 20 years because I have Crohn’s disease. I am just so happy that Dr. Beck came highly recommended and she could see me when she did. I recommend her to everyone I know!”  ~Patient MH


“Dr. Beck is an amazing doctor. Her professionalism is top notch. She is one of the most patient, empathetic, and caring doctors I have met. She has helped my wife for a few years and recently I started seeing her for just basic wellness. I’m 33 and want to have children with my wife soon. Dr. Beck is helping us reach optimum health before we start trying to have children. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg either; she is very understanding about the cost of supplements and that insurance companies don’t cover the costs of supplements. Dr. Beck was able give the supplementation that I need and can also afford.” ~Patient SB


“Like so many others, I was privileged to work with Dr. Beck as a student during my clinical rotations. Empathetic, creative, patient, and knowledgeable, she brought a level of practicality to each shift that was virtually unmatched in my clinical education. I highly recommend Dr. Beck as a naturopathic physician and professor of clinical naturopathic medicine.”  ~Allison Smith via LinkedIn recommendation


“Dr. Donna Beck is well respected in our naturopathic community for teaching at NCNM and serving on the college’s board. I admire all of her contributions to our profession. Although I have not worked directly with Donna, she is well loved by students and colleagues for her excellent teaching and mentoring skills.”  ~Pamela Sky Jeanne ND


“I have benefited from both Donna’s physical adjustments and her knowledge. Her physical work is direct, controlled, and very effective. I have and will continue to recommend her to both friends and patients.”  ~Leith Nippes LAc. via LinkedIn recommendation


“Dr. Beck is a caring and competent physician, highly experienced in providing a level of patient care that is rapidly becoming a lost art in this age of 6-minute office visits. For a physician skilled in natural therapeutics and dedicated to treating the whole person, you could scarcely do better. Highly recommended.”   ~Jeremy Appleton via LinkedIn recommendation


“Donna is a detail oriented physician with years of experience, concise treatment plans, and a variety of physical medicine modalities! ” ~Dr. Kate Wiggin via LinkedIn recommendation